Mr Bean Christmas tree sweater

Whoever made this obviously doesn’t know what Mr Bean Christmas tree sweater actually is. I used to watch this episode since I was a Little Girl. And now, I’m 20. But, still loves it.
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Never seen Mr Bean Christmas tree sweater in cartoon form. Kinda weird. In regular life, movie character, very funny. More realistic. Poor ready bear got used to clean the toilet. since you wanna reply slow , this what i’m watching to entertain myself. Oh that’s what my house is like but I don’t care sometimes it is what it is I clean everyday for other people and I love my little house my door is always welcome to anyone when they need a place to stay. Mr Bean Christmas tree sweater wish I was still able to be up there . cleaning. I loved working at your house.the food you cook was so good.i sure do miss you you both.
From: Hutechtee

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