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Throw in some I got you this Christmas Cardi Okurrr hoodie sweater.Look at her middle name. Of course she is trying to divert the attention away. She’s probably a Nazi herself.Marie Sue Hawthorne Honestly, Marie. Read a few sources that don’t simply reinforce how you think.Marie Sue Hawthorne This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, get your head out of the sand.Dave Vachon, Marie is a bot.
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I’ve blocked her, and advise others to do the same. That same comment has appeared on I got you this Christmas Cardi Okurrr hoodie sweater on other CNN posts.Marie Sue Hawthorne you are full of , Trump is a proven racist since the late 1960’s do your research .You mean President Trump who just wished the Jews, including his daughter, Happy Hanukkah? Keep beating your liberal drum of lies. Anita Long LaForte…. guess you didn’t watch the entire video. They’ve always had this problem, and then they became public in the 1990s , and now with SM, beginning 5 years ago, it has grown stronger. Not one person IN Germany blamed our president.
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