Believe in Santa Riding Shark Christmas Ugly Sweater

How that man held on, is a miracle in itself. I’d gladly take Believe in Santa Riding Shark Christmas Ugly Sweater and torn tendon any day.The instructors landing looks a lil rough on the ole “ twig n berries “ if ya know what I mean! .
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That grass must be soft as a baby’s butt!I’d love CNN to interview these Believe in Santa Riding Shark Christmas Ugly Sweater ! Most people can’t hold on for one minute. This story is amazing. I hope they don’t thank god and thank each other instead. Fly Hillary I like how them whites puts a 1000 ways to die in action and call it fun. No way I could hold on that long even with my life on the line.Marie Sue Hawthorne Trump is such a great leader, he should show her how it’s done. Make sure he does it after eating a bucket of KFC so he’s well fed and his finger are greasy.”
From: hutechtee

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